This Pomeranian apparently got so upset with his new haircut that he started standing and walking around on his hind legs after he got back from the groomers…for 2 days.












And here he is before his haircut.



Stop Him

too strong

He is evolving…

Have you ever been so mad you learned how to walk


Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have time to sleep


P E-N..I_S..-- E-N-L..A_R..G E..M..E..N T_---P I-L_L..S, Flabraoss430

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The World Cup

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Sami from facebook

He edited it later with the correct dates.


The FIFA nations rankings have been released following the finish of the World Cup, and there are not a lot of shocks here, quite frankly. England’s terrible showing has dropped them to #20, and Portugal and Spain’s rankings took nose-dives. Costa Rica and the Netherlands saw the biggest rises as both jumped twelve places in the rankings.

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Attractive Footballers
└ 21/50
 → Raphael Varane


Yes, my fave is problematic. Your fave is also problematic. I am problematic. You are problematic. We are not all 100% politically correct perfect individuals. Someone saying something shitty and that person being “the scum of the earth” are not the same. Please learn to recognize the goddamn difference.